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Packing List

Please note that it is important to keep your luggage size manageable when on safari because of space constraints. That said, if you opt for a full-­‐service safari we can easily accommodate more luggage than the following recommendation in our support vehicle that helps with camp setup. We generally recommend you travel with a soft 'duffel' or backpacker-­‐style bag with a weight limit of 20kg (44lbs). This is even more important if you are flying in a light aircraft for any stage of your journey — they are very strict for safety and logistical reasons. On light aircraft, hard and large suitcases are not permitted, and the strict weight limit is 15 kg (33 lbs). Should you wish to bring more than this along, please contact us to discuss ways we can accommodate you, which we are happy to do!

Here is our recommended packing list for your mobile safari in Botswana: 

Travel Documents

  • Passport with appropriate visas. Be sure to check visa requirements for your nationality when planning your trip. Note that for most African countries you require at least 2 blank visa pages and more than 6 months validity on your passport.

  • Airline tickets/e-­‐ticket references. Please confirm your reservation and tickets 72 hours prior to departure. 

  • USD or EUR cash and/or Visa or Mastercard credit cards. American Express is often not accepted in Africa. 

  • A photocopy of your passport and other important documents. We advise keeping these in a separate location from the original. It can also be helpful to email scanned copies of these documents to yourself to ensure that they are always electronically accessible.


  • Camera. The quality of camera and appropriate lens depends on your photographic interests. Contact us if you need recommendations.

  • Spare camera batteries, charger and memory cards.

  • Camera cleaning equipment and a dustproof soft-‐sided camera bag.

  • Quality binoculars.

  • Flashlight or a head-lamp, preferably LED, spare batteries.

  • Reading material.

  • Pen and paper.



  • 1 pair of light weight slacks/pants.

  • 2 pairs of shorts.

  • 1 windproof/warm jacket (in rainy season ensure it is waterproof)

  • 6 shirts (4 short sleeved and 2 long sleeved).

  • 1 sweater.

  • 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes.

  • 1 pair of flip-­flops/strops/tevas.

  • Underwear and socks.

  • Pyjamas and sleepwear.

  • Sun protection (hat/sunglasses/sunscreen/lip balm).

  • For winter months (May to early August): beanie/scarf/gloves.


  • Personal toiletries (deodorant/shampoo/brush /moisturizer/tooth brush and paste).

  • Insect repellant (we will provide Peaceful Sleep, so only if you want more protection).

  • Band aids/aspirin/anti­‐diarrhea medication/dehydration salts/antiseptic cream. Your guide will always have a full first‐aid kit on hand. Please just bring along your personal preferences and necessities. 

  • Tissues/moist towelettes.

  • Any prescription medicine and prophylaxis necessary (be sure to include a letter from your physician to travel with prescribed medicines).

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