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Unlimited Tours & Safaris offers exclusively private safaris. It’s just you and your travel companions, our fabulous professional guide, great solitary campsites, and Botswana’s gorgeous wilderness.


Your days will be spent exploring some of Botswana’s best national parks and community reserves on game drives in an custom open safari vehicle, designed for optimal game viewing and photography. You can also go boating, enjoy mokoro canoe excursions, and take guided walks, depending on the itinerary you’ve chosen.


A private mobile safari is a special experience.

You are surrounded by pristine wilderness from the moment you enter the Botswana’s national parks, so even the transfers to our campsites are part of your safari adventure. Activities vary from park to park and region to region, but days often follow similar general routines (with the exception of transfer days where you change campsites).


On a full day in camp, you wake up shortly after sunrise and join your group around the campfire for a light breakfast. We head out as early as the national parks allow us to in order to be the first people on the roads, which allows us view the tracks that animals left behind during the night. We may spot fresh lion tracks walking straight past our camp or evidence of a passing buffalo herd not far away! You and your guide will choose the best direction to go for your game drive depending on which calls were heard overnight and the tracks we find on the road. Part of the unique appeal of Botswana is that the wildlife is able to migrate naturally; the experience of searching for them leads to incredible sightings while instilling great admiration and respect for the bush.

At Unlimited, what we do in a day is always up to you.

On morning game drives, we generally stop for morning tea and head back to camp for brunch by late morning. But at Unlimited, what we do in a day is always up to you! Our guides are more than happy to stay out in the bush all day if you prefer it. In the event that you happen upon rare African wild dogs, for example, you might want to spend some more time with them!


On full­‐service safaris, we always bring packed lunches to ensure that we have that flexibility. We also schedule full­‐day drives to be able to go further away, visiting places that many other visitors and safari companies never get the chance to see. Basically: you do what you want to, and we help make your experience as incredible and memorable as we can. It’s your safari!


When we decide to return to camp for brunch or lunch, there’s always plenty of time for a shower and some well‐deserved ‘siesta’ time. After enjoying afternoon tea, we head out for the afternoon activity — perhaps a game drive to a new area or a return to a great morning sighting. When the sun sets, we return to camp for a quick shower before sitting down for dinner under the stars. After dinner, it’s time to end the day with a glass of wine around the campfire, tell stories, and remember all of the day’s excitement!


On the days we change campsites, we follow a different routine — having a quick breakfast before starting our transfer trip, which is usually a long game-­drive. We normally arrive at the new camp in time for a relaxing siesta before we leave for our afternoon activity. While we drive, our support staff is busy taking down our old camp and setting up your new one. When you arrive at the new campsite, everything is ready for you to relax and enjoy your stay — hot showers and lunch or tea with snacks, depending on the hour.

Our head guide Moses and all our professional,local guides combines their knowledge of wildlife, safety, and road and weather conditions when planning your activities and transfers. They are always happy to discuss your interests and preferences so we can do our best to make your ideal trip happen while keeping you safe, protecting Botswana’s beautiful environment, and abiding by the rules of the country’s national parks.

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