in Botswana!

Videos from Endless Treasures of Botswana

For some amazing videos and photos from our safaris together with Steve Lumpkin, please have a look at his website http://www.endlesstr...swana.com. This is a ongoing project to promote Botswana as a destination and pay tribute to the conservation effort done in Botswana. We are really proud to be a part of this project, and very thankful to the government of Botswana and Steve Lumpkin for making this possible!

Lions of Nxai Pan

Watch the big pride of lions from Nxai Pan going about their daily routine. 

Kalahari Bushman skills by Joster

Kalahari Bushman skills - watch our camp man Joster show you authentic bushman skills, the way it has been done for thousands of years. 

Tim and Tony in the Bush

Video of a dry season safari with Moses and the Trabons in 2015


Xini Pride

The Xini pride welcomes 9 new lion cubs

Endless Treasures of Botswana

Experience the majesty of the bush in Botswana. Lions, leopards, wild dogs, elephants and epic vistas that showcase the results of Botswana's conservation efforts.

Sounds of the bush

The bush holds many secrets and one of them is the sounds made there. Close your eyes and journey into the bush to a world of sounds you may have never heard.

Cheetah kill on Lechwe

Journey to the Moremi Game Reserve near Mboma Island as we track and film a male cheetah taking a young lechwe calf in a floodplain of the Okavango Delta.

Maned Female Lion in Moremi

A rare sighting of a maned female lion was made in early 2016 in Moremi. She is part of a small group (less than 4 known females) that are exhibiting this genetic trait. Most are on Chiefs Island in Moremi but with the drought conditions, we believe she crossed over and is living in the 2nd/3rd bridge area.

  1. Rare Aardwolf Sighting

Before sunrise in the Moremi Game Reserve, a male giraffe is pointing to the ground right in front of him. There in a hole is an aardwolf. As we approach he sniffs the air for something familiar. He starts shaking then bolts out of the hole. A very rare encounter in the daytime.

Dry Season 2015 Featuring Wild Dogs

Dry season photage with good sightings of lion, leopard and cheetah, and including a big pack of wild dogs!