in Botswana!

A few pictures from our camp!

For our full-­service safari, we use Meru style 3,5 x 3m (11.5 x 9.8ft) tents with an en-­suite toilet and shower in the back! Inside the tents, we provide foldable camping beds with proper mattresses and bedding, plus a small table with a lantern. Out in front of the tent, you have a basin for washing your hands that is filled with clean water every morning, lunch, and evening. Out behind the tent, you will find your en-suite long-­drop toilet plus a shower that is filled up with hot water whenever you like.

Inside the tent, you can see that the camping bed is covered so that you have a real mattress and bedding. The tents have flaps on all sides and up top, so you can open them at your leisure for some extra light and a breeze. It’s fantastic to lie in bed at night and look at the stars!

Meals are served under the gazebo situated in the middle of camp. Here you can always find coffee and tea as well! 

The meals will be prepared on open fire close to camp by our chef!

Please not that if you are going on a Mokoro excursion into the Delta due to weight restrictions on the canoes we can not carry our full-service equipment with us, so you will use 3x3 meter Dome tents with mattress on the ground. You will have a separate shower and toilet enclosure close to your tent.