in Botswana!

Our Advisory Board members serve as sources of ideas and expertise. They give us honest advice on how to make our safaris even better for our guests, for wildlife, and for nature. Unlimited Tours & Safaris advisory board members have extensive knowledge of the safari business, photography, wildlife conservation, and biology.

Our advisory board exists:

  • To make sure we offer the best experience for professional photographers and other wildlife-‐lovers
  • To provide strategic advice on priorities for our programs and operations
  • To enhance the eco­‐friendliness and sustainability of our safari.
  • To update us on trends in the tourism business

Advisory Director 
Steve Lumpkin
Business executive
Professional photographer

Steve is a conservationist, farmer, business executive, board member, mentor and father whose love of Africa is only matched by his passion for photography. He returns to Africa several times every year and enjoys working with young companies to realize their dreams.