in Botswana!

Pick up From Gaborone to Berry Bush Camp Tsabong
On your arrival at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone you will be meet by Unlimited Tours and Safaris representatives for Gaborone Tsabong drive , towards the Berry Bush Camp in Tsabong. On your arrival you will be warmly welcomed by the staff and have time to freshen up and have a shower before dinner in the restaurant.

Day 1 Lesholoago Camp 01
Wake up early morning from the Berry Bush Camp for breakfast then get ready to start the adventure!. We will head towards the North eastern part of KTP entrance, and on our arrival we will find the our camp already set by our camp staff.  You will have some  time to take a shower relax before doing a short introduction game drive in the area. You will end the day with dinner under the million stars in the galaxy before going back to your tent fore some well earned sleep under canvas for true African wild sound experience. 

Day 2 Lesholoago to Mabuasehube Camp 4
Early wake up from Lesholoago site you will have a quick breakfast before your more step ahead, a game drive in the area for last sight sightings. You will have a precedence towards Mabuasehube Pan with hope the site should have the visitors on this evening so we are to be alert to anything we are cooping with, the place is of royal wildness family made up of kings and queens with their troops forming a lion pride. On your arrival the site will be set in advance in where you will be able to take a shower then dine before sleeping under canvas.

Day 3 Mabuasehube camp 4
Early wake up then breakfast before you visit the pan for plain far view exciting actions if lucky you can spot a cheetah on kill by the area as they mostly reside and visit the pan and its surrounding more often time and again for springboks. Later go back to the site for relaxation then have shower and dinner before your last sleep on the area.

Day 4 Mabuasehube to Mpayathutwa Pan Camp 02
Its now being your 5th day of exploration around the KTP from place to place but not that far out from the other with just the few distance from Mabuasehube the game continues ahead in a form of game drive relocation to Mapayathutwa Pan at where you will find the camp set in advance by our staff then have a relaxation time before shower and dine under stars.

Day 5 Mpayathutwa Pan Camp 02

Wake up early morning for light break fast before game drive on Mpayathutwa Pan hope today you are to experience more and the concentration is high above to watch the saviliance of the tracking and hunting skills from battle field to plain areas, later then go back to camp for relaxation shower then dine before evening fire with the story telling.

Day 6 Mpayathutwa to Matopi Camp 01
Wake up early morning for quick break fast, today’ s travel will be little bit long you will have a short drive for lastly on the Pan then depart towards Matopi Sites in which you will probably spend the whole day hours on road, snacks and lunch will be carried along as you are to spent the lunch time en-route also, on your arrival your site will be long set in advance in which you are to have shower relaxation and possible have an evening drive before fire gatherings followed by dinner and sleep under Canvas.

Day 7 Matopi Camp 01 to Polentswa Pan Camp 01
Wake up early morning then head to Polentswa your overnight destination of day 7, On your arrival your site will be set in advance by our camp staff at where you are to have time for relaxation, shower and the introduction scenes Polentswa is one night stop over site along the Nossob River Valley stream The Nossob is a dry river bed in eastern Namibia and the Kalahari region of South Africa and Botswana. It covers a distance of 740 km2 and last flooded in 1989. The river also lends its name to Nossob camp of which coordinates 25°25′18″S 20°35′47″E in the Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park. The Nossob is said to flow about once a century. However, water does flow underground to provide life for grass and Camel thorn trees growing in the river bed. The Nossob may flow briefly after large thunderstorms, causing wildlife to flock to the river. On this case the briefing explanation purifies the Polentswa Pan to be on unique site of all with the combination of all the wildness armature for being the goodwill.

Day 8 Polentswa Pan Camp 01 to Nossob Rest Camp
Next morning for the other day wake up for breackfast followed by game drive around the pan before our drive back to Nossob Rest Camp, Nossob Rest Camp is situated within the dry riverbed of the Nossob. The camp is surrounded by savannahs and is famous for spectacular predator sightings. The camp has a reception area, swimming pool, predator information centre, shop and fuel facilities and a generator provides electricity for 18 hours per day. There is no cellphone reception available at the camp which adds to the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere at Nossob.

Day 9 Nossob Rest Camp to Thupapedi site
Wake up early morning for breakfast before we clear down our site for step ahead, Thupapedi site, is just a one night stop over being the soul and legs stretching retriever on our arrival on the site our camp staff will set our camp in advance for us to have that relaxing time then dinner after shower, we prepare and allocate not to go out too far after dark from our tents as we going to have the visitors here at night they usually make arrangements of visiting the place as the sounds go lower for water and food search.

Day 10 Thupapedi to Swart Pan Camp 01
Early wake up for up next site visit as there is no drives close by the site here the game will be done en-route towards the Swart Pan sites, The Swart Pan as one more interesting like Polentswa is just on the banks and along the Nossob River being on the boundary between the 2 countries Botswana and Namibia the area is of breath taking on the wild sight sightings the experience is of what you are to wait while will be on spot.

Day 11 Swart Pan Camp 01
Is another morning for another day, wake up for breakfast before our exploration continuation in Swart Pan which is situated on the northern part of Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park there is a waterhole near the pan at where the desirable dream is to come true for the recruited suggestions later return back to our site for relaxations.

Day 12 Swart Pan Camp 01
The water here at Swart pan is very nice and sweet. Just on staying here we are to be aware of the 2 spotted hyenas in which they don't fear people as actually it was long time back but still the behavior can’t change. The road towards the swart pan inlet and outlet is of very good tracks for drivings and as Swartpan Camp # 1 is of the visibility and is very strong and interesting as from which we can see the pan or either the actions going on from the camp.

Day 13 Swart Pan Camp 01 to Gnus Gnus
Early wake up for Gnus Gnus Pan site for only 55 Km from Swart Pan the drive will be for approximately 45 minutes on the sandy roads game drives will be carried and done on this surrounding before turn back to the site at where the Camp will be set by our camp staff then take a shower before diner and sleep under canvas.

Day 14 Gnus Gnus Pan to Thupapedi Site
Wake up with hope spirit and dedication go for morning breakfast before our morning turn back drive explore around the area later drive back towards the Exit side then an overnight stop over here at Thupapedi Site in time to form an earliest exit drive out to Hukuntsi for Gaborone passerby. On our arrival our site will be set in advance then have dinner gather around an open fire for our overall KTP exploration summarization then sleep under Canvas for the next morning.

Day 15 Thupapedi to Hukuntsi via Kaa North Gate to Gaborone
Wake up early morning for quick breakfast as we are to form a journey out from the Park 64 Km towards the North Gate at Kaa then 58 Km to Hukuntsi at where you will connect to Gaborone for your flight back home. You will have many memories of an unforgettable adventure in one of the last remaining true wilderness areas of the world.