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Our aim is to have our guests experience real Africa and leave for home with incredible experiences and memories. That goal drives us and makes us work hard to improve even more every day. Here is a trip report from one of our guests that sheds light on a lot of what we do on our safaris, what you can expect on our trips, and how wonderful of an experience a safari can be.

You can also see the post on Fodor´s here: http://www.fodors.com/community/africa-the-middle-east/trip-report-botswana-2014-green-season-with-moses-ntema-unlimited-safaris.cfm 

"We are just back from a green season mobile safari to The Central Kalahari and Moremi Game Reserve with Moses Ntema, owner of Unlimited Tours (www.unlimitedsafari.com) and Safaris in Maun, Botswana (https://www.facebook.com/UnlimitedSafari). We had met Moses in Duba Plains several years ago before he struck out on his own by developing Unlimited Tours as an owner/head guide for this mobile safari company. He is one of the most impressive guides we have met in 4 safaris. Tracking and game knowledge are without peer - - plus he makes a proper Gin and Tonic in the bush. We booked 12 days in the field with Moses (6 nights in The Kalahari and 6 nights in the Moremi) using 3 very private campsites...the campsite in the Moremi was literally in the deep woods under a sprawling sausage tree right at Second Bridge. First the Kalahari -- as we were cleared the Matswere Gate an hour later right at dusk we came on very fresh lion spoor and around a corner were 4 sub-adults playing by the road. We later determined that this was a pride of 13 individuals with 2 mature, black maned Kalahari brothers in charge. 

Over the next 3 days Moses found this pride 5 times...the sub-adults were very curious and we could coo to them and get a response back...very intimate and very thrilling...we were on a photo safari with Moses (just 2 photographers and Moses as our guide) and if you want to see a 5 minute video of our experience the link is at the bottom of this trip report. This year The Kalahari had record rainfall and we put on the ponchos almost every day. The upside was the explosion of grasses meant the springbok and oryx were fat and sassy. We stayed near Owens Camp in Deception Valley. We later encountered a total of 11 different cheetah (6 in the Kalahari and 5 in the Moremi) and were able to get very close to them. Up in the Moremi everything was green with very tall grass. We were able to find another pride of lions with 2 big males dominating a wildebeest kill. And we had 2 different sightings of leopards, one a mature huge male and another mama and 6 month old cub in a tree and hunting. The leopards Moses found by some very exact tracking and we got very close to them. Of course we saw big herds of elephant, red lechwe, African buffalo and many birds as the rare migrating ones were in full sight (the endangered Wattled Crane was seen frequently along with all the eagles). We tracked a nice family of wild dogs near 4th bridge in Moremi but they were elusive in the tall grass.

I was so impressed by the value received from Moses and Unlimited I have booked 3 more safari's with him (Dry season 2014, Green season 2015 and Dry Season 2015). He had 2 boys in camp (OT the cook and Boxie the assistant) who prepared wonderful meals and field lunches. At night the air was filled with the sounds of lions roaring, hippos grunting nearby and leopards calling...I will never be in a lodge setting again as this totally feels like the real, unexplored and intimate Africa of my dreams...All at about $400/day per person...what an incredible deal! While some say the green season is not the time to experience Botswana I found the exact opposite based on my 3 green season trips taken so far. In the Kalahari it is the only real time to go where you can see the big herds of springbok and oryx with all the predators following. In the green season you also get see all the babies as they have all dropped in the last 45 days or so. Very memorable time of year to go. Here are a few links for you to enjoy: 5 minute video on this safari: http://vimeo.com/89720984 and a few images from the trip are here:http://stevelumpkin.smugmug.com/Other/Botswana-Green-Season-2014/. Cheers! Steve Lumpkin www.underprairieskies.com "

Savuti-­‐Moremi,  May  2014    !
We  started our 6-Day‐Safari by driving from Maun into the Savuti  area. I will never forget the first glimpse of the stunning landscape that awaited us. The Savuti Hills that shape  the land were amazing to see, and even from afar an impressive sight. After the long drive from Maun to Savuti we were exhausted but the sight of those hills compensated it in a second. We made our way to our first camp site through heaps of elephants and antelope.        

The next morning we left before sunset for a game drive to catch the first light over the scenic  savuti  marsh. The highlight of our Savuti stay was yet  to come. At the end of our morning game drive, Moses heard something unusual in the bush. As we are driving around the bend we spotted 5 hyenas, feeding on a zebra carcass. Lions most likely killed the zebra the night before and the hyenas took over in the early morning hours. We  stayed for a long time as the only vehicle around, watching the hyenas bellies growing bigger and bigger. What a sight!

The Game viewing in total was splendid. Lions, leopard, hyenas, elephants, our safari started already on a high level.  After 2 nights in Savuti we headed back south and made our way to the Moremi game reserve. And Moremi didn’t disappoint! As we were driving into Moremi to get to our campsite at the second bridge, we spotted a pack of wild dogs in the last light of the evening. Seeing wild dogs in the wild is always a  privilege, less  than 5000 of those „painted wolves“ are left in Africa. After we left the wild dogs we stumbled across a pride of lions by the road.  It was beautiful to see the playful youngsters and old members of the pride interact. Amazed by our first 2 hours in Moremi we finally made it to our campsite. We fell asleep with the roaring lions, calling leopards and all the noises in the background that make african nights an unforgettable experience. After a quick cup of coffee and a light breakfast we left for our game drive before sunset. Just outside of our campsite Moses found fresh tracks from a big male lion that crossed the second bridge. We followed the tracks in twilight of the cold morning and finally spotted him after a short drive. He let us follow his morning patrol in a safe distance and enjoyed the sunrise with him. As a wildlife photographer, this morning couldn’t have started better! We were able to follow him for about 1 1/2 hours as he patrolled his territory. And all that as the only car. What an intimate sighting!

Suddenly he stopped, listened carefully and started running. We had no idea what he was up to. Now he didn’t have time to follow the dirt road anymore, but Moses was brilliant at finding the spots, where the lion would cross the roads. As we came closer to his destination we started hearing his pride calling. We found them in the bushes next to the road feeding on a warthog. Later that evening Moses found the same pride again and I was able to photograph the whole pride as they slowly emerged from the thick bush to a scenic waterhole. We spent time with the pride until sunset,  resulting in great photos of them relaxing in the last light.

Our Safari came unfortunately to an end the next day. After a beautiful early game drive through the wetlands of the Okavango Delta we headed back to Maun with our heads full of unforgettable memories. It was a wonderful time with Moses in the bush, he is a great guide and always good for a laugh! 

Until the next time,

Fabian Gieske & Sidsel Bouet

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